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“There is no magic key out there. Whatever a man is going through in his life,there is another man who has gone through the same challenges, but in the end chose a different approach. He faced the challenge through peaceful means, without resorting to destructive behaviors.”
                                                                     -- Dr. Michael LeRoux, founder




RAGEWorks is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public service charity. Founded in 2006, RAGEWorks mission is to provide positive communication outlets for men to become better leaders both at work and at home.


CONNECT, ACT, and LEAD – these three words form the foundation of RAGEWorks, which offers a unique set of programs for men in need to work with other men: men who have been there, men who have overcome, men who have figured out how to live authentic lives.


We don’t judge, we don’t preach.
We don’t diagnose, don’t provide legal or religious advice.

We DO help men become their best selves.



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