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For some men, gambling seems like an easy way to solve financial problems, or get a quick dose of excitement that is missing in their day-to-day lives.  More and more states are legalizing casino gambling.  Internet gaming is pervasive. Slick marketing campaigns make visits to casinos look like everyone is living the high life.  But, a gambling problem can spill into other areas of a man’s life – his family, his job, his finances.

• According to the National Council on Problem Gambling, about one percent of the population, or two million people in the U.S. per year, meet the criteria for addictive or pathological gambling.

• Another four to six million are defined as problem gamblers with a growing problem. Gambling problems usually begin during the teen years in men.

RAGEWorks offers a different path, where men take responsibility for their lives and build up the strength and self-worth necessary to resist the constant barrage of gambling come-ons in our society.

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